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INEQUALITY -Things aren’t working in the UK as they should be

November 30, 2019 9:00 AM
Originally published by East Suffolk Liberal Democrats


Five reasons why Jo Swinson & the Lib Dems will tackle inequality

For too many people, things aren't working in the UK as they should be.


The UK has the fifth largest economy in the world, but one in five of us lives in poverty.

Yet instead of addressing inequality, the Tories' heartless welfare policy has led to soaring levels of poverty across the country child

That's why Liberal Democrats have come up with a bold plan to tackle inequality across the UK. As the Resolution Foundation recognises, Liberal Democrats have the most progressive manifesto of all the major parties, focused on ensuring everyone has the same opportunities regardless of where they come from.

Child poverty is rising in working households and expect to rise further. Policy makers looking to stem the tide of rising child poverty should be focusing on how to tackle this, as well as keeping household worklessness at record lows.

1. Jo and the Liberal Democrats will Stop Brexit

Any form of Brexit, whether it's hard or soft, will be bad for jobs, the economy, the NHS, and our environment.

It is also a sad fact that those who are the most in need of support in Britain today will be hit hardest by Brexit.

The Lib Dems will stop Brexit on day one of government. By doing this, we won't just grow the economy faster, but we'll generate a £50 billion Remain Bonus that we can invest in public services and tackling inequality across Britain.

2. Jo and the Liberal Democrats have a plan to tackle the mental health epidemic Mental health

Our NHS is the envy of the world, but our mental health service is not. Waiting times are being missed, people are not being referred for the treatment they need, and often action is taken only when at crisis point, or too late.

We are fighting to invest £11bn into mental health services, making them more accessible for everyone. In addition, prescriptions for people with chronic mental health conditions will be available for free on the NHS.

The Conservatives have given mental health care lip service for years - what is needed now is urgent action to help those most in need.

Jo Swinson at a conference event on green energy: the Liberal Democrats’ policy on tackling the climate change crisis is innovative and challenging, but achievable. There is no more time to lose.3. Jo and the Liberal Democrats are ready to lead on climate action and tackle fuel poverty

We are the last generation that can stop irreversible climate change, and we are running out of time. The Liberal Democrats are the only party with a radical, credible and detailed plan to tackle the climate emergency.

Jo and the Lib Dems will jump-start an economy-wide programme to tackle the climate emergency. 3.5 million households are saddled with exorbitant fuel bills due to poor quality houses. We will incentivise households to upgrade their homes and also provide fully subsidised home upgrades to those in fuel poverty. By prioritising fuel-poor households, all low-income homes will be insulated by 2025.

4. Jo and the Liberal Democrats will transform our education system Fight education

Education ensures children have the best start in life, yet years of Conservative cuts have resulted in understaffed and underfunded schools.The Liberal Democrats will reduce inequality across the UK so that every child can have the best start in life, no matter what their background.

By fighting to reverse frontline school cuts since 2015 with an emergency cash injection of £4.6 billion next year and recruiting 20,000 more teachers as part of an extra £10 billion a year for schools, Jo and the Lib Dems will reduce inequality across the UK so that every child can have the best start in life, no matter what their background.

Fairer economy5. Jo and the Liberal Democrats will build a fairer economy

Working hard should mean you are able to build a good life, but for too many people that's not the case. In an ever changing workplace people often need to develop new skills, but the cost of courses and qualifications shuts too many people out.

With her plan to provide free childcare from 9 months and give every adult a £10,000 Skills Wallet to spend on skills & training throughout their lives, Jo and the Liberal Democrats will transform our economy and help everyone build good lives and brighter futures for their families.

We will build a #BrighterFuture giving people the support they need


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